Lots of business websites need to post a quick announcement. Maybe you’re closing for a holiday, maybe a major storm is causing problems, or maybe you’ve got a limited time special to announce. Whatever the reason, we get a lot of requests to add a simple announcement to websites.

So here’s a simple and fast way to add an announcement to your WordPress website.

Add a WordPress Announcement Bar

To get our announcement bar we’re going to use QuickieBar. It’s a great plugin and I’ve been using it for years. The basic version is free and covers the needs of most website owners.

Want to watch the video guiding you through the steps?

Setting up QuickieBar

To get started, install the QuickieBar plugin.

Once it’s activated you’ll see a notice to get started with QuickieBar. Click on the get started link to configure your QuickieBar.

Get Started with QuickieBar Screen Capture

From here you’ll create a new bar. Just enter the information for your announcement (keep it short and to the point, this is not the time to write a novel). Then you can set your colors using a number of preset options or tailor it to your brand colors.

After that, you can activate your bar or you can set additional options. Some of the options include the size of the bar, the ability to close or not to close, and of course if you’d like it on the top of the site or the bottom.

Once your bar is up and running you’ll be able to see how many views it has, and if you’ve included a button how many times that button has been clicked.

Example of Announcement Display with QuickieBar

Need to run multiple announcements or restrict them?

The Pro version of the plugin includes the ability to display your announcements based on what page your visitor is on. So you can run multiple bars, each with their own page/post settings. You can also add email list signup integrations.

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