Ryan Donley
Ryan Donley

Gen and her team are absolutely amazing! Extremely professional, consistently over delivered expectations, and produced fantastic results!

Annette Murray
Annette Murray

Gen gets it done. She knows her stuff and works with you in real time to get your website healthy and looking good!

Judy Daniels
Judy Daniels

In a one hour call, Gen was able to get right to the heart of our website issues and make recommendations for next steps. She spoke in easy-to-understand language for a lay person, and was generous and candid with her thoughts. Highly recommend.

Mark LePine (Mark LePine Arnold's)
Mark LePine (Mark LePine Arnold's)

Gen is great to work with!!! We’ve been with Gen for years and haven’t wavered. She’s knowledgeable, hard-working, and reliable. And she has two Shepherds who are always fun to talk about!! Highly recommend!

Greg Billings
Greg Billings

Emergency situation with our website. Anphira Web Design came to the rescue. Preformed the services and prepared a report. Highly recommend her services and super prompt response time.

Pam G
Pam G

Gen did an amazing job on my website, and helped me with great advice along with way. Her skills are very strong, and she recommended changes to my site that will keep it running better. She was extremely patient & helpful, and she has definitely motivated me to keep my site updated & maintained! I'm so happy with the final project & I can't thank her enough! Gen is the best!

The following are some testimonials from clients.

Gen is the best, and a pleasure to work with. She’s beyond responsive, and has a lot of experience that she brings to the table. She’s now done three projects for me, and has always come in on time, and on budget.

– Devaughn F

Gen is the backbone of our development team, she is as responsive and reliable as you could ask for. If you are looking for a superstar WordPress developer look no further!

Alex M

Gen is very easy to work with, very professional, reliable and gives good advice.

Ryan V

Hands down the best freelancer I have worked with. Replied to my job request with specific response to my needs, not generic overview. Gave clear instructions of what was required to complete my project. Completed all requests without any issues. Highly recommended

Cris P

Awesome to work with, super professional and fast, she not only completed all the tasks but created a video showing me how to do a particular issue I was struggling with – just fantastic to work with!


Gen is a great WordPress Consultant that just gets it done. Quickly and efficiently with great communication.

David S

If you get to work with Gen you’re one of the lucky ones. Best customer service I’ve ever found online… excellent development skills and never lets you down.

Adam M

The service and support we received from Gen at Anphira was amazing. Any question we sent her way was immediately answered, with Gen sending detailed instructions on how to solve those problems ourselves in the future. She was very generous with her time and made sure we were creating the best website possible. We can’t imagine what the process would have been like had we not had the support of Gen. If you’re looking for a website designer, we definitely recommend Anphira!

Alli L

Anphira was, on all accounts, a godsend for One Job Per Child. As a fledgling nonprofit, we simply didn’t have the funds to pay for an expensive web designer. Gen found us via a Sparked challenge that we posted online, and after looking through her impressive portfolio and strong testimonials from previous clients, I knew the website would be in excellent hands.

When we first spoke, I was blown away by Gen’s level of sensitivity. She asked really intelligent questions about what we wanted to achieve with our website – questions that pushed me to concretize the image of our organization in new, unexpected ways. Aside from that, the suggestions Gen gave were always perfectly tailored to what we wanted to present, and what we would be hoping for in terms of attracting a client base. She was always flexible; always imaginative.

Even when issues cropped up that seemed difficult to solve, especially when she didn’t have much information to go on, she could invent solutions that were quick and sustainable. I can’t emphasize her simultaneous speed and precision enough – usually, when people respond that fast, they sacrifice in terms of quality. I never found that to be the case with Anphira.

Furthermore, even though Gen volunteered to take this project on herself, we were always made to feel like a priority – exactly the same as a company that would have paid top dollar.

Overall, OJPC has had a fantastic experience with Gen and Anphira and wish them the very best.

Marie E

Genevieve was an absolute pleasure to work with. Very professional with amazing creativity. She helped our nonprofit organization tremendously by creating a custom theme for us that will definitely capture the hearts and minds of our donors. I truly believe her work will help us become much more successful. She was very friendly and has a huge giving heart. Her work was outstanding and I would/will refer her services to any client I come across needing web design services. Thank you again Gen!

Greg S

Working with Gen at Anphira has been simple. She is responsive, helpful, extremely professional and, additionally, an amazingly nice person! I’ve worked on several nonprofit websites, and have never felt so comfortable communicating with a developer before. Gen provides explanations in “lay terms” and goes the extra mile to make certain not only do I understand the answer, but I learn the “how to” in the process. In the three days our newly designed site has been live, we’ve gotten many compliments and I know that will continue. Thanks, Gen for helping to make this possible!

Natalie K

Gen and Anphira came to our rescue when we needed it most. Global Phoenix is a new nonprofit in desperate need of a logo to communicate our philanthropic vision, and Gen provided our dream logo almost on the first take. She is hyper-fast, extremely warm and professional, and she’s just aces at design. I’ve been a digital producer for 16 years, and have learned to spot talent + efficiency in a jiffy. Gen delivers in spades – we can’t wait to utilize her talents for many more projects!