WordPress Security Setup & Hack Removal

WordPress has a lot of features to make it quick & convenient for you to get a site up & running. Unfortunately, that means a lot of known defaults which make it easy for hackers to know just how to get into your site.

Did you buy a premium theme that came with “helpful” premium plugins? Guess what, a lot of those don’t even tell you that you need to update them. And the older they get, the less secure your site gets.

WordPress Security Setup & Hack Removal 1

WordPress Security Setup

Great setup for small businesses.

• Protection against most common hacks

• Verify database & files against common security issues

• Includes LIFETIME license for updates


Hacked Website Cleanout Options

DIY Immediate Hack Cleanout

If you just want your hack removed, and nothing else, then we recommend Malcare.

Important note: this is DIY hack removal

  • Scan WP core files & database
  • 1 Year of monitoring
  • Your WP must be fully functional and able to have plugins installed
  • This does not repair any of your exiting vulnerabilities
  • Does not scan non-WP files by default

Click here to buy from Malcare $99

Hack Cleanout and Updates

Remove hack and secure site. This service cleans out your website and also gets your website up to date to actually remove vulnerabilities.

  • 2 hours of professional hack removal
  • 1 year of malcare
  • Available even if your hosting company has suspended your site in most cases
  • Actual clean-up & updating of your WordPress


Note: Custom themes or plugins are not included in this price. Any theme or plugin license fees needed to update your site are not included.

Note: Another alternative is to order hack cleanout from Wordfence or Sucuri and then get a one-time maintenance done to update your site

Prices indicate those for a standard WordPress site on Linux cPanel or Managed WordPress hosting. Those in other hosting environments or with special circumstances may be more.