Summer 2018 Website Changes

The summer of 2018 is shaping up to have a lot of changes that impact website owners. In short order they are: European Union’s new GDPR privacy policy which affects everyone worldwide Chrome’s July release which will flag any site not using an SSL as “not secure” Google’s July rollout of speed as an increased ranking factor Google’s mobile-first indexing and preference for mobile-friendly pages

New GDPR law and what it means for website owners

The European Union has a new privacy law, the GDPR, which goes into effect in May 2018, and unlike previous laws, these are extra-territorial. That means the new privacy law applies to countries outside of the EU. We’ve put together a breakdown of what it means for you as a website owner.

Example of Announcement Display with QuickieBar

How to Post an Announcement to Your Website in Under 5 Minutes

Lots of business websites need to post a quick announcement. Maybe you’re closing for a holiday, maybe a major storm is causing problems, or maybe you’ve got a limited time special to announce. Whatever the reason, we get a lot of requests to add a simple announcement to websites. So here’s a simple and fast way to add an announcement to your WordPress website.

5 Ways to Tell if Your Domain is Ready for the Holidays

Did you know that most website owners have never actually checked a blacklist for their domain? And many people only find out that they have a problem when a helpful customer points it out to them. Wouldn’t you rather find out before your customers tell you? Here are 5 steps to check your domain and website for health.