Dedicated Development Time

Dedicated development time is perfect for clients looking for WordPress assistance without a long term commitment.

How it works:

  1. If you haven’t worked with us in the last 4 months, you’ll need to start with a consultation. Your choice, either 30 or 60 minutes.
  2. Once you’ve had a consultation, you can choose to either book live help time on Zoom or purchase blocks of hours.

Client Responsibility

A zoom meeting will be created for your development time. We’ll use this Zoom to kick off the appointment and then may use later for checkins. Please make sure that you are available during your entire booked timeslot for questions.

Make sure that any needed resources for the development are sent over in advance. These include but are not limited to:

  • PSDs, Font files, other source files (if applicable)
  • Images (if applicable, I do have an Envato Elements account if you need stock images)
  • Hosting access
  • WordPress access

Payments & Billing

All appointments are pre-pay with a credit card. They will not be invoiced, but you will receive a receipt from my booking tool, Book Like A Boss. If you don’t, check your spam folder.

Book You Preferred Option!

If you haven’t worked with us in the last 4 months, your only options are 30 or 60 min consults.

Consult Session

Consult sessions are 30 or 60 minutes live on Zoom. Either you can send us access in advance and we can screen share or you can screen share.

Offline Time

Offline time is development time outside of a Zoom call. It’s great if you’d like to follow-up about some work that was discussed during a consult.

Development Day

A half or full development day. This is a great option if you’d like to get a PSD built out. Half-day is generally enough to get a single PSD turned into a page. Full day would typically get you a small website from a single PSD.

We work with most types of business & personal websites for consults.

If your website would generally be considered “safe to have open in a coffee shop”, then it’s probably ok. We do not work with any business that deals in tobacco, THC, or political websites.

If you pre-paid for a consult and we decline you for scheduling or other reasons, you will receive a refund.

Anphira exclusively uses Zoom. If Zoom is not a tool that works for you, please go elsewhere for your website needs.

Due to covid, we are not meeting with any clients in person at this time.

If you don’t see it available on the calendar, then it’s not available.

Slots for pre-booking are available 9am-5pm ET M-F. Times outside that range may occasionally be available upon request.

Yes. We don’t work with some hosting companies. Please see the list of companies we don’t work with on the WordPress care plans page.

It is your responsibility to have full access (file & database) to your website. If you don’t have access, then I will be highly limited in what I can do.

You book dedicated time for just you. And that’s what you’ll receive. Maintenance clients pay for the ability to send short & long questions at any time. Dedicated development time clients only get assistance during their pre-paid slots.

The booking tool accepts major credit cards and payments are processed by Stripe.

A reschedule link is included in your confirmation email. You can reschedule consults at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled slot.

If sickness/injury/other urgent and unexpected situation arises, then the day can be rescheduled. You may be requested to provide documentation/proof of the situation if trying to reschedule less than 24 hours in advance.

Please check your spam folder for an email from Book like a boss. That is both your confirmation and your receipt.

See reschedule policy above about rescheduling. If you just don’t show up, you don’t get a refund.

Our booking tool, Book like a boss, sends out reminder emails one day and one hour in advance. It’s your responsibility to show up for the timeslot you paid for.

If you cancel more than 24 hours in advance, you can request a refund.

If you book with us and we can’t fulfill your request for a reason on our end, then you’ll receive a refund. Otherwise no refunds.

Read our full terms of service.

Performing operations on your WordPress dashboard and/or hosting comes with some risk. This is generally a low level risk, however, things can go wrong. Make sure that you have full access to your hosting environment (including both files and database), and that you have backups in place. If you don’t have backups, you can choose to use your time slot to get backups setup.

Anphira, LLC is not responsible for any harm that comes to your website, you, or your organization in relation to any services provided. There is no warranty provided.

Read our full terms of service.