Affordable Website Accessibility

Incremental improvements for your WordPress website

Most web accessibility companies will start you off with an accessibility audit. This is a lengthy document detailing hundreds of individual issues. This also can take weeks to produce, during which time nothing is improving on your website.

This kind of accessibility audit costs you thousands of dollars and is incomprehensible to someone not familiar with web accessibility. It also gets you no closer to your real goal of having an accessible website.

At Anphira, we take a completely different approach. Instead of spending time and money on detailed audits early on, we go straight to the top items cited in lawsuits and fix them. You don’t need to read a report listing out all 114 of your links that fail contrast. Instead, you need them fixed.

Our WordPress Website Accessibility Process

Our plan is to help your website be friendly to visitors, and quickly.

Visitor Essential

This first phase targets the top 12 areas that websites fail visitors of all abilities. These areas are cited in nearly all lawsuits, and nearly all websites fail at least 7 of them.

At the beginning of this phase, a typical small business website with 20 pages and 50 blog posts would have over 1,000 individual errors. Some can have well over 2,000 errors.

At the end of this phase, typically around 80% of those errors have been removed. We will use a premium accessibility plugin to measure and report progress during this phase.

Visitor Friendly

The second phase targets the remaining errors which can be detected by automated tools. After that, we work on the common issues that interfere with assistive technology.

This is frequently the longest phase as many of the issues here can require replacing existing functionality on your website.

Visitor Comfortable

The third phase has the goal of having your website meet the intent of WCAG 2.1 level AA. There are times when meeting the intent of a guideline and the exact wording are different.

During this phase, we will perform formal audits of your website and share the results with you. These are used to measure progress.

Ongoing Accessibility

The final phase is ongoing accessibility. The purpose is to regularly remediate newly added or modified content.

Rapid Accessibility Remediation

$699 / mo

9 hours of manual remediation per month

Premium accessibility test plugin to measure progress

Monthly summary of progress

Standard Accessibility Remediation

$399 / mo

4 hours of manual remediation per month

Premium accessibility test plugin to measure progress

Monthly summary of progress

Ongoing Accessibility

$99 / mo

1 hour of manual checking & remediation per month

Premium accessibility testing plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my website needs a complete overhaul?

Then instead of one of these website remediation options, we would work on a complete rebuild. We have both rapid turnaround options (literally get your new site in a few days), and the more traditional redesign and rebuild route. Once the initial rebuild was done, there would still be work to be done in terms of individual page remediation which could be done on our standard remediation options.

Is there a minimum commitment?

You are required to commit to at least 2 months of remediation. You are also required to be on one of our website care plans.

Do I have to complete all three remediation phases?

No. We recommend that you complete all three phases of remediation, however, we do not require you to.

Do I need to approve all changes to the site?

At the beginning of the process, we will discuss how you want to handle approvals for changes. Most clients do not want to be involved at a very detailed level and only want to be involved in wide-sweeping changes. Note that the more involved you are, the longer remediation normally takes.

Will work be done on a staging site?

This is done on a case-by-case basis. Staging sites for remediation are only available on the rapid remediation plan. This is normally done when the website needs a theme change or major plugin change. For many remediations, a staging site is not needed.

Can I start with rapid remediation and then switch to standard?

Yes. Several clients have gone this route. This gets a lot of items corrected quickly.

Ready to make your WordPress website accessible?