About Anphira, LLC

Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler. – Albert Einstein

Einstein had some very good thoughts on simplicity — that it’s important but that things shouldn’t be oversimplified. And that’s the mindset that we take on projects, to make them simple, easy for clients to understand, but not to try to oversimplify to the point that important details get lost.

Small business owners choose Anphira for a variety of reasons, the most common are:

Convenience: Our clients want the ease of just letting us know what they need, and knowing that we will take care of the details for them.

Peace of Mind: Most of our small business clients have been with us for years, because they know we will handle most things before they even become issues. And when there is an issue, we’ll get it taken care of.

More Time: Most of our clients were spending too much of their valuable time dealing with little annoyances. We’ve customized setups for our clients so that they have more time to focus on what really matters.

About Anphira Web Design & Development

Athena & Artemis: our mascots and regular reminders that as important as running a business is, real life is important too.

How did Anphira get started?

It started in 2011 with a single website, a WordPress blog for Gen’s mom. Her mom wanted something simple, attractive, and that would be easy to use. She just wanted it to work. So after a lot of research, Gen built her a custom WordPress theme with everything mom wanted. That was fun, and a few pro bono sites later, Gen discovered elance and the world of online freelancing.

Fast forward to today and Anphira now has ongoing contracts with several agencies to handle their WordPress development and maintenance work as well as a number of private business clients.

Giving Back

Making money is great, but so is doing good. To make the world a little better, we donate at least 5% of our website development to non-profit organizations through pro bono projects. Currently, we do the majority of our pro bono work through Catchafire. You can see our current impact here.

It’s also important to remember that WordPress is part of an online community, so we can also be found regularly answering questions in the WordPress support forums and we are currently developing our first theme to give back further to the community.

Who is behind Anphira, LLC?

Almost certainly¬†the first person you’ll meet is Gen. In fact, most clients never meet the other ones who hide behind the scenes.

About Anphira, LLC 1

Gen Herres

Owner, Lead Developer

Gen is a WordPress developer who has been developing WordPress websites since 2011. Prior to that, she was a software engineer at Boeing working on graphical user interface for the B-1 Bomber aircraft.

Gen lives in beautiful Ellicott City, MD and when not working on websites can be found hiking in the mountains with her husband and two dogs.

chris white

Chris White

WordPress Developer

Chris is a long-time fanatic of the WordPress platform. He is a master of converting mock-ups and designs into fully functioning WordPress websites. When he isn’t building websites, Chris enjoys taking in the beautiful Charleston, South Carolina sunsets with his wife and dog, Louie.

David Pulis

Assistant Developer

David is our wonderful Assistant Developer. He handles a lot of behind the scenes items from setting up new development sites to running site updates, making site edits, moving data between websites, and a long list of miscellaneous tasks.

Erica Webster

Project Coordinator

Erica is our project coordinator and keeps track of the many moving pieces behind the scenes.