If you haven’t setup 3rd party email before, it can be a bit intimidating to setup G Suite the first time. I’m going to walk you through the info you need to gather in advance and then the setup process.

How to Easily Setup G Suite in 20 min 1

Needed Information

Once you start the setup process you want to be able to complete it reasonably quickly. So make sure that you know all of these things before you get started:

  • Login to your DNS (generally your registrar but maybe elsewhere)
  • The primary email address you want to create – this will become the “Master” of the account, so make sure you’ve decided which this should be
  • Business Name
  • Number of employees
  • Country
  • First Name that goes with the primary email address
  • Last Name that goes with the primary email address
  • Current email address (make sure it’s NOT at the domain you are trying to setup) – this will automatically become your recovery email address
  • Domain Name
  • A password (it should be strong and saved somewhere like your favorite password manager)
  • Account type (generally Basic)
  • Name & Address of Business
  • Phone number (cell phone that can receive text messages)
  • Payment method info (credit card, expiration date, security code and FULL name on card and billing address)
  • List of all people that you want to add to your account (FULL name, desired email address, and their current email address — instructions will be sent to their current email address)

Creating Your Account

Now that you’ve gathered together everything in the needed information, it’s time to setup your account. Make sure that you have 20 min of uninterrupted time to do this during. Also, make sure that you’ve got someone’s referral code and 20% discount code handy (I almost always have several codes handy, leave a comment below and I’ll send you one).

First, log into the location where your DNS is managed (generally your registrar, but might be Cloudflare, a hosting company, or somewhere else). You will need to enter a couple of DNS records, Google can auto add DNS records for you at several well-known registrars but you have to already be logged in at your registrar to do this.

So now go to G Suite’s page (use your referral URL) and click on the service you want (probably Basic). You will automatically a 14-day trial, but it requires a credit card to sign up.

Enter all of the information and keep clicking on Next as you go through the setup. Towards the end, you will be asked for your discount code.

When you get to the part where it asks for you to setup DNS records, if you are not comfortable setting them up, then use the option for Google to help you.

How to Easily Setup G Suite in 20 min 1

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