10 Steps to Plan an Effective Website

Anyone can make a pretty website, but an effective website requires the right planning.

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How Can I Use This Plan?

After you complete this workbook you’ll have a plan for your website, but how is that useful to your business? There are three main ways you can use your plan:

  • Audit an existing site: If you have an existing website and you’d like to audit it for how effective it is, you need a measure of effectiveness. By taking a step back from your existing website, you can plan an ideal site for your business, then compare your existing site to that ideal.
  • Build a new site: If you don’t have an existing website and are considering building one, you want to give yourself the best chance of success. Investing time now in a proper plan for your site can produce significant return down the road.
  • Remodel an existing site: If you are considering a remodel of your existing site, it’s probably because your current site isn’t producing the results you want. So you need to take a step back from your existing site and create a plan for how a remodeled site can produce the results you want.