Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Tutorial 1

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Tutorial

So you’re a blogger or content writer for a website/blog built in WordPress but you want help writing articles with search engine optimization (SEO). You do some research and you find WordPress SEO by Yoast is considered one of the best (and free). You install the Yoast plugin and then go to write a blog post (or page) and you are completely clueless on how to use it. Well, you’re in luck because this is a step-by-step tutorial for writing posts/pages with the Yoast plugin! 

WordPress Hack Removal & Clean out: A Case Study 3

WordPress Hack Removal & Clean out: A Case Study

A client recently came to me with an issue: one of her friends had a hacked WordPress site, and GoDaddy (their hosting provider) had restored the files, but the site still wasn’t working. Unfortunately this example is far too common — what many people forget is that hosting companies maintain their servers, not your website. Which means they can do a restore, but after that you are on your own.

4 Plugins to Make Building Pages Easier 8

4 Plugins to Make Building Pages Easier

I get this question a lot. What is the best visual page builder plugin? A lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs want to be able to get a beautiful looking website without swimming in the mess of all that code. Definition: A visual page building plugin is a tool installed on WordPress that allows you to build complex layouts by manipulating blocks on your screen instead of writing code. There are a ton of web page builders out there. It seems like every week a new one is coming out. Some promise to be simple, others promise to be more robust than my car.