Essential Checklist for WordPress Maintenance

The exact checklist you need to maintain your WordPress website just the Pros do.

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Why have a Maintenance Checklist?

A maintenance checklist ensures that you are keeping your WordPress site up to date, which means you can focus on running your business.

Doesn’t my hosting company cover updating my site?

Your hosting company is responsible for providing servers. If you are with a responsible hosting company they also maintain and provide updates to those servers, but ONLY those servers.

They are not responsible for your website. Even the managed WordPress hosts who update your core WordPress don’t update your plugins or themes, leaving you vulnerable to potential problems.

What’s covered in the checklist

The checklist is divided into two parts: a checklist for your initial setup of getting your website up to date, then a checklist for keeping it that way. A lot of people who haven’t had a checklist have some setup to do.

Why this Checklist?

We manage literally hundreds of WordPress websites and have been doing so for years. Without checklists like the one here, that just wouldn’t be possible.