What to do If Your WordPress Site is Hacked


I hope you are reading this because you haven’t been hacked and are looking for how to prevent being hacked. However, if you are in the other boat (just found out you were hacked or recovering from a hack), then first please accept my condolences and second go to step 1. If you are just looking for prevention, skip to step 4.
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How to Fight Comment Spam on WordPress


If there’s one thing that I hate even more than email spam, it’s probably comment spam. I’ve tried multiple approaches across multiple sites and this is what I’ve found to be the most effective (I’ve actually achieved 0 spam on several sites that had a bit of spam before).
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How to Fix WordPress Mail


You’ve set up your WordPress site, there’s just one issue. You can’t send mail. This means your contact forms don’t work, new user emails don’t work, password reset requests can’t be sent. It’s not a good situation. The good news is, there’s a pretty simple fix.

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