WordPress 3.9 Released

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The wonderful folks at WordPress have released version 3.9 which has some surprising new updates. I’ll list out some of the highlights. Make sure that you back up your database prior to making any updates.

Image Editing

First and foremost, you can now drag and drop images directly onto your posts. You don’t always have to click the “Add Media” button anymore! You can also see your images and edit them right in the visual editor.

Gallery Previews

The image gallery that WordPress added a couple versions back was great, but it only showed your images when you looked at your live page. Now, you can see your gallery right in your post compose window!

Audio & Video Playlists

Images galleries have been very helpful (and removed the need for a few plugins), but what about video & audio? WordPress allows you to create playlists right in the visual editor. If you’ve got a website for a band (or church choir), this is music to your ears.

Live Widget & Header Previews

You can now preview your changes to widgets and supported theme customizations live. This is a great help if it always mystifies you what will happen when you make a certain change.


There are of course some new updates to libraries, security, and utilities for developers. This means that some of the themes and plugins you love will be updating themselves to handle these new changes.

As always, make sure that you backup your files before updating to WordPress 3.9!

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