WordPress 3.5.2 Released

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WordPress released on June 21st a minor update to its version. The update is mostly for security purposes and appears to be working well. As there has been a recent surge in attacks on WordPress websites, I would definitely recommend that you go ahead and update. But, as always you should be sure to backup your website BEFORE updating.

WordPress 3.5.2 Released

The official WordPress release notes are always posted in the WordPress Codex, and the link to this specific 3.5.2 update can be found here.

Normally I recommend waiting a day or two before updating, since generally any major problems with the update would be announced on numerous blogs and websites. But since it’s now been a couple days, it’s unlikely anything major will crop up (I can’t guarantee the future though).

Backing Up

If you don’t already have a backup system in place, make sure that you get a backup of your website. If you need some help with that, take a look at my post on Backing Up with BackWPup.

Test Your Plugins

Since this is a new version, most plugins have not had time to well tested. Since the update is relatively small compared to some, most plugins should work just fine. However, you should still test the plugins you use to make sure that your website is performing properly after the update.

As always to perform the update, just go to your WordPress dashboard and you will see a notice asking you to update with instructions. Just follow those and you are on your way to WordPress 3.5.2!

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