3 Reasons Your WordPress Theme is a Waste of Money

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The other day I was at Red Robin’s, a gourmet burger restaurant. Unknown to me, I order a burger with Dijon Mustard on it. I hate the smell of Dijon Mustard let alone the taste.

I could not eat the burger and it had to go to waste. I was so embarrassed. 

I might as well have just lit my money on fire, at least it would have been entertaining.

I know the feeling as if you just wasted a bunch of money is not all too unique. One of the biggest fears consumers make is whether or not a purchase is worth it.

I am sure we have all made a useless purchase that we wish we could do over.


If you are thinking about buying a Premium WordPress theme you may be better off lighting your money on fire.

Am I being over dramatic? No.

Most people buy Premium WordPress Themes like they buy a new car.

They take a look at the colors, the basic design, make a few clicks on the demo, do not bother looking under the hood or at the technical stuff, then do some comparison shopping and finally make a purchase.

They take their new Premium WordPress for a longer ride (try to build the site they want) and realized they cannot get it to look like the demo or what they want.

Buying a Premium WordPress Theme can be a waste of money. Here are the top 3 reasons I find clients may be wasting their money buying a Premium WordPress Theme.

Before I go any further, I want to clarify, I am not against Premium WordPress Themes. We have designed many websites using Premium WordPress Themes.

But there are some things you need to understand before you purchase that theme.

1. A Site Can Be Design the Site in 2 Hours With a Theme

Many clients believe if they buy a premium wordpress theme, all they have to do is add some photos, some content, maybe a video, and pick their colors.

Unfortunately, it does not work that way. There are so many invisible factors that the average small business owner cannot see when it comes to the design.

When you download and upload a Premium WordPress Theme to your site, you expect it to come packaged like the demo. It almost never does though.

Instead what you downloaded is the basic framework. All of a sudden you realize it is way harder to add the content, get it to fit right, add images, and make it look good than you had originally thought.

On freelancing sites you can always find hundreds of posts that read “how do I configure theme XYZ to make it look like the demo”.

What most business owners do not realize is the time it took the company to design the demo was likely over 50+ hours. It took that long for not even a complete website because they filled it with fake content, images and worked out the design.

If it took them 50+ hours and they are professionals, how long do you think it would take you to produce a site of the same quality website as the demo?

It’s not your fault. Humans have a tendency to overestimate their abilities, especially when we are not knowledgeable about the field.

We think we can design a website in a few hours, create killer copy in a few minutes by doing what our competitors do without really knowing why, generate blog content in a half hour, and build a business in 72 hours.

Life does not work that way.

Premium WordPress Themes are a waste unless you do understand that their demo and your business aren’t the same thing. There are going to be additional hours to get the design and content right.

2. Theme Will Work for Your Business

Okay, I hear you.

You have some experience so you think you can get your website looking exactly like the demo.

Great, You got your website looking like the demo in more hours than you wanted, but at least you got it.

Does the design, interface, and user experience fit your business and customer’s needs?

The demo was a fictitious business to show you what could be done, but it does not mean it was tested to be a great design for your customers.

The problem with trying to use a Premium WordPress Theme, without any adaptations and customizations, is the theme is built to be generic to appeal to a wide range of business owners.

Yes, there are themes that appeal to certain types of industries, but the themes are still generic enough to appeal to any business in the industry.

Take this Premium WordPress Theme. The theme appeals to anyone in the fitness industry from CrossFit to Kickboxing.


Your business is unique and so are your customers.

The highest converting website, the nicest design, and best SEO site design does not come ready for you without some more man hours involved.

The best design is made with your business & clients in mind.

Premium WordPress Themes do not do that since they need to appeal to many business owners.

If you feel like you must pick a Premium WordPress Theme, then be sure to ask yourself, “Will my customer like this?”.

3. Zero Knowledge About Options, Plugins, and Maintenance

Looking through WordPress Themes can be difficult and Premium WordPress Themes can be even more difficult because there are more files involved.

Trying to add one line of code, add a plugin, update your theme, or anything else can be as difficult as walking through the Amazon Rainforest without a machete, if you do not know what you are doing.

It requires knowledge and experience, which we have, to get through the jungle of coding files.

Trust me, walking through the Amazon Rainforest without a machete because you wanted to save money will waste you a ton of time.

At Anphira, we are seasoned explorers. We can navigate files, add options, keep your website secure so it does not get hacked, add plugins, and more.


I get it.

As a small business owner you need to keep costs down sometimes.

But you may be losing money by buying a Premium WordPress Theme and trying to do it yourself rather than hiring a web designer.

If you listened to nothing else I said, just know these two things:

1. I hate dijon mustard, and

2. Do not put yourself in a position where lighting your money on fire seems like a better option.

Hiring a web designer can pay your business dividends in saved time for you to focus on what you are good at and increased conversion and leads because we understand customer needs.

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