WordPress Tip: Set Image Link To None

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WordPress has a wonderful ability to insert images and even provides some nice scaling options. However, by default when you insert an image into WordPress it arrives as a link. Generally when you put an image in your post you just want an image, not some random link. So here is a quick tip to set up WordPress so that by default it images won’t have links.

Image Link To

If you aren’t completely certain what I am talking about, it’s the “Link To” attribute in the “Insert Media” screen.


WordPress Hidden Options

The settings for default values in WordPress are on an options page, however that page is a bit hidden. To access the options page, you need to know your WordPress admin page URL. For most people it is example.com/wp-admin where example.com is your website URL. If this is not your admin page, then substitute in for your usual admin page. Then append /options.php to the URL. So for most people, example.com/wp-admin/options.php would be your options page URL.

You will most likely be asked to login again in order to access this page. This is normal. Enter the username and password of an administrator on your website. This will take you to an All Settings page.


Scroll down until you find “image_default_link_type”.


The default value is “file” — this links to the image file. Delete the word “file” and replace it with “none”. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Save Changes”.

While you are here, if you always center or right align your images and would like that to the default, you can enter “center” or “right” into the “image_default_align”. Most people use left align, which is the default.


Adjusting your default settings for WordPress can quite handy, but make sure you that you know what you are changing before you change it. Many of the settings on this hidden options page are available via other pages, so in general you should try the standard settings pages first before modifying things here.

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