Updating Your Facebook Cover Image Tutorial

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I’ve had a few questions regarding how to update a facebook cover image. So, I’ve put together this short tutorial to guide you step by step on quickly updating your facebook cover images. I’m using my spring facebook cover image to demonstrate.

Uploading Facebook Cover Image

The first step is of course to head over to facebook and go to your profile or page where you would like to put in the cover image. Once there, you need to hover your mouse over your current cover image (or placeholder cover graphic if you don’t have a cover image. When you hover your mouse over the image, you will see a new button appear named “Change Cover”.


Then hover your mouse over the “Change Cover” button and you will see a message saying that you can choose a cover image. When you click on the “Change Cover” button you will see a list of options. Select Upload Photo from the list.


Upload Photo will allow you to select an image from your hard drive to use. In this example I’m using the spring facebook cover image which is downloaded to my hard drive. If you need a cover you can head over to my post and download the image to your hard drive.


Once you have selected your image it will be displayed on your page or profile. If your image was larger than the standard size of a cover image, then you would be able to reposition it to show the correct portion. Since the selected image is the correct size, we only need to click on “Save Changes”.


After you click on “Save Changes” your cover image will be displayed on your page and your timeline will have a post indicating that you updated it. If you don’t want a timeline post, you can always delete it. Here’s what the image looks like on facebook when finished.



Uploading a new cover image to facebook is an easy process and can help add excitement to your page or profile. If you’d like a cover image for the current season, just check out our freebies. If you are interested in a custom header image, you can check out free options such as pagemodo which uses your own graphics or you can contact us for custom graphic design.

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