Scheduling Twitter Tweets with TweetLater

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Twitter can be a great tool for keeping up a conversation with your customers and clients, however only if you are an internet connected device ready to tweet. We all have busy lives and being able to schedule tweets to happen when you are busy can be very useful. There are a number of services which advertise the ability to schedule future tweets, but the best I’ve found is TweetLater.


Setting up TweetLater

When I was looking for a tweet scheduler for twitter, I wanted something that was very quick and easy. I didn’t want to create a new login and password that I would have to remember. I didn’t want to have to establish an app on twitter and do a complicated authentication procedure. I wanted simple. Which is why I use TweetLater.

To set everything up is a very simple two step process consisting of clicking on the blue button. Step one, go to TweetLater and click on the big blue button.


In step two you will be asked to authorize TweetLater to use your account. All of the tweet services will require this in some form or fashion.


And that’s it! You’re done with signing up! You may need to re-authorize the app in the future, but that only requires clicking the big blue button again. You will now see something that looks a lot like your standard twitter dashboard. Your personal background is imported and you can see your username in the upper right corner.


Scheduling Your Twitter Tweets

Now that you’ve accomplished the sign up process and are at your dashboard, it’s time to schedule a tweet or twenty! To get started, click on “Schedule a new tweet”.

Schedule Twitter Tweet with TweetLater

Now you have a pretty standard twitter window to enter up to 140 characters. The addition is that you have a “Publish this tweet” section which allows you to specify the date and time that the tweet will be published. The time is entered using a 24 hour clock, so 16:23 means that the post will go out at 4:23pm in my time zone. The time zone used is whichever time zone you have set up on your twitter account settings.


Once you have pressed the”Schedule” button, you will see your Tweet displayed on your dashboard as scheduled. There are three tasks you can perform on the right side. You can decide to publish the tweet now, you can edit the tweet (including the date & time) or you can unschedule the tweet. If you want the tweet to go out ask scheduled, you are done!


My example scheduled tweet went out right on schedule (well, officially posted at 16:24 instead of 16:23, but I’m not going to get upset over one minute).



I hope that you found this information on scheduling your tweets with twitter to be helpful! I’ve also done tutorials on scheduling WordPress posts and broadcasting your WordPress posts on social media. If you are looking for some more tips on using twitter to help your business, check out the twitter article on copyblogger.

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