Facebook is a useful tool in your social media toolbox, if you regularly update. But, with our busy lives, activity on social media is a challenge. The solution is use Facebook’s built in tool for scheduling posts. With this, you can be active online and in the real world at the same time!


Scheduling Facebook Posts

If you want to use the scheduling feature then you need to be on your page, not on your news feed. The first step in scheduling a Facebook post is to write it. Once you have your post written and ready to go, click on the clock icon to get started scheduling it.

The post box will expand and ask you to select the year you would like to schedule the post for. You can both post in the future and in the past.


Once you have selected the year, the month will become available.


After you have selected the year and month, the day will become available. Then the hour and finally the minute. Times are displayed in the local time zone that you set up with your account. When you are happy with the post that you’ve written and the time that it will be posted, go ahead and click on “Schedule”.


The post will be scheduled and you will see a notification. When the time comes for the post to be put up, it will show up in your timeline. Until then, you won’t see any evidence of it. So make sure that you proofread your posts before you hit Schedule!



Advance scheduling your Facebook posts can be very helpful when you are away. In case you missed them, I’ve also done tutorials on scheduling Twitter tweets, scheduling your WordPress posts, and broadcasting your WordPress posts on social media.

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