WordPress Theme Selection Tutorial

Whether it’s a face lift for your existing site, adding a few new features, or starting from scratch, there are few things which will impact your visitors as much as your theme. But for most people looking for a new theme can be just as daunting as sending my husband to the grocery store. He knows what he likes to eat, but where in the store that is and which brands and sizes are a mystery. But if I send him with a store map and a list which has pictures of the items to get, he does an excellent job grocery shopping. This article will give a map and some specific items to look for when shopping for your new theme. While I will mention some WordPress items, this same approach can be applied to other content management systems.

Creating Client & Customer Profiles

Every time we start a new project there is one common question: who is the target audience? You may call them clients, customers, or users. But regardless of what we call them, we need to know something about who they are and what they want. This information decides both what is presented to them and how it is presented.

How To Remove Comments & Trackbacks on WordPress 2

How To Remove Comments & Trackbacks on WordPress

With WordPress 4.3, WordPress has finally stopped allowing comments on new Pages. However, if you have an existing site every kind of data on your site probably allows both comments & trackbacks. That means pages, posts, media, and any custom data types you have. While it may sound like a good idea, it can be incredibly annoying if you have 50 pages, 100 posts, and 500 media files all getting trackbacks and/or comments on them. So how do you turn off the ones you don’t want?

Bing & Yahoo Website Submission & Webmaster Tools 3

Bing & Yahoo Website Submission & Webmaster Tools

Bing and Yahoo have a combined 28% of search engine traffic. So if you want the most website visitors, then you need to get your website submitted to them. This tutorial will cover the basics of getting your site submitted and setting up Bing webmaster tools. If you missed my previous post, I talked about Google website submission & webmaster tools setup.

Website Sharing on Social Media with ShareThis Tutorial 4

Website Sharing on Social Media with ShareThis Tutorial

Everyone wants to add social media sharing to their websites, but what sharing tool should you use? The most popular are AddThis and ShareThis. In this tutorial I’ll show you why I prefer ShareThis, and how to get ShareThis setup on your website. If you’ve got WordPress, I will cover the WordPress Plugin in another post.

WordPress Sharing with ShareThis Plugin 5

WordPress Sharing with ShareThis Plugin

ShareThis is a great social media sharing service that I covered in my Website Sharing on Social Media article. However, ShareThis also has a plugin for WordPress which makes it very easy to set up social sharing on your posts and pages. This tutorial will cover how to use the ShareThis Plugin.