Distraction Free Writing in WordPress

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When you look at your WordPress writing screen, there are a lot of possible distractions. There is the left Dashboard navigation bar as well as widgets to the right and below your editor window. Quite frankly, some of this can be coming distracting to the actual process of writing. So this is a short tutorial on removing a few of those distractions.¬†How many distractions you need to remove is going to depend on you as an individual, so I’ll talk about a few different options.

Stop Punishing Me For Saving

If you’ve been using WordPress for a little while, you probably notice that every time you save, the editor window scrolls back to the top. Even if you are in the middle of a 2,000 word article, you will be punished every time you save. The easy workaround is to install Preserve Editor Scroll Position plugin. All you have to do is install it and then activate and you’re done. No longer will WordPress automatically scroll to the top every time you save.

Get Back an Older Version

Have you ever modified an article and saved it only to realize that you really DID want to use the old text? Enabling the Revisions widget will allow you to go back and time and see previous versions of your post, including if you were editing your post and forgot to save before you closed your browser (because WordPress is smart enough to autosave as you write).

In the upper right of your Edit Post screen click on “Screen Options”.


The options panel will expand and check the box for “Revisions”.


Once checked, scroll down to below your editor window and you will see the Revisions widget. From here you can select a previous version, view it and restore it if you would like — or just copy some content from it to add to your current version.


Clear The Left Dashboard Options

At the bottom of the Dashboard menu on the left is an option to “Collapse menu”.


Clicking it will turn the menu into a very thin strip which also happens to widen your text editor window. If you want the normal menu back, there is a small right pointing arrow to click.


Taller Writing Window

Some of the windows & widgets in WordPress are resizable. This includes the writing window. Click the lower right corner and you can drag the window to make it larger. This can help to push widgets below the writing out of your field of view.

Completely Distraction Free Writing

WordPress includes an option called Distraction Free Writing mode. All you need to do to enable it is click it.


Once you’ve clicked it, your web browser becomes a clean slate with nothing but your article on the screen.


If you move your mouse to the top of the screen there is a basic editing bar including a Save button (if you are writing a draft, the Publish option isn’t even available — so no worrying about accidentally hitting it). When you are done writing in peace and tranquility, you can click the Exit fullscreen link in the upper left.

Publish Button Paranoia

Some people are afraid of accidentally hitting publish, especially if they have auto-posting plugins for social networks. The Confirm Publishing Actions plugin takes care of this. When “Publish” is clicked, a small window pops up asking if you are sure. If you are sure, then you can go ahead with publishing, if it was an accident, just hit cancel.

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