Twitter Profile & Header Update 2014

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Twitter has recently remodeled their site and your profile is going to get an entirely new look if it hasn’t already. To get ready you should update your avatar and design a new header image.


New Twitter Look

If you don’t have the new Twitter profile yet (or you’ve declined it for the moment), this is what it looks like:


Main Changes

No More Twitter Background

A lot of people have used the Twitter backgrounds to display extra information, but no longer. Twitter has axed the custom backgrounds.

Larger & More Prominent Header

Twitter has now opted for a large and prominent header image, similar to what Facebook has, but a bit more complex. For one thing, the header is responsive on the Desktop but chops off the top and bottom pixels. On mobile and tablet the header chops off the right and left sides (see section on header below for info).

Pin a Tweet to the Top

The description for your account is no longer top and center, it’s now off to the left. Instead the main focus item is the first tweet. What you can do is pin a tweet here to feature it. Just click on the 3 dots (…) on the bottom of any tweet to pin it.

Highlight your Tweets with the most engagement

Twitter will automatically increase the font size of your most popular tweets (those with most favorites, retweets, comments). The good news is that these are your most popular. Your tweets are ranked in popularity relative to each other, not compared with anyone else’s (which is good since I just don’t have the popularity of Google’s Matt Cutts).

New Avatar

Your new avatar image appears at 200×200 pixels on the Desktop, but Twitter recommends uploading a 400×400 image (to make sure it looks good on retina screens). However, on mobile and tablet your avatar is still displayed as a little tiny square, so make sure it looks good at multiple sizes.

New Header

The new twitter header is something of a headache. It is stretched and cropped on the desktop and squished and cropped on mobile. This means that some areas are only visible on certain devices.

I’ve put together a diagram based on my testing to explain it a little better. Using the recommended 1500 pixel wide by 500 pixel tall size, this is what’s available.

(For full size image, click on the image below. You can also right-click and download the linked file.)



Whether you are ready or not, the new Twitter profile will be coming to you soon. As they say, the best defense is a good offense, so get your avatar and new header ready. If you’ve got an image editing program, you can download the full size Twitter safe area graphic and use it as you model your new header.

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