Web Re-Design for The Resource Power

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The Resource Power had an existing website using the Florance WordPress theme, but they needed help revamping their home page to make an impact. They wanted to keep the background, tie in their logo, and promote donation.

To start off the re-design I pulled their logo to the upper left and balanced it with a donate button on the same color scheme in the upper right. I updated the navigation bar to continue the color palette. Their previous search bar was red and quite large, so I revised it to be a lot smaller and more subtle. The navigation bar had previously been a lime green which clashed with the greens of their logo, so the navigation bar took on the color scheme of their logo.

To clarify their organizational message and purpose, I brought it out top and center in a green text to match their logo. The next item was to add something people could relate to — photos representing the demographics of people they help. I helped them select 4 photos to add color & an emotional element to their website. Their three main programs were previously buried in a few paragraphs of text, so those were pulled out and given individual blocks to highlight their importance.

The last item was adding a footer section to their website — this is where people look for copyright & contact info. I used a subtle green to match both the background of the site and coordination with their green color palette.

You can see the final look above, I think it provides a very organized and positive experience to visitors. A visitor can see up front what the organization does. The donate button is prominent, but coordinated so that it you can find it when you want to, but it doesn’t scream for attention.

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