Web Design for HomeFirst Inc

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Web Design for HomeFirst Inc

HomeFirst Inc had a dated web design which needed a facelift to show off their organization and drive donations. I completely scraped the old design and used their blue & green logo as an inspiration for the re-design of the website.

The Layout

HomeFirst came prepared with a list of what needed to go on the new website, but no visual direction. Their director provided me an excellent statement of what they needed, “Website needs to be dynamic, interactive and the driver of our fundraising and communications.”

Since wading through hundreds of themes can be a daunting process, I started HomeFirst off with a list of five basic layouts. No colors or style, just general block diagrams of websites (if you are interested, the five website layouts are here). They selected a blend of elements from a few layouts.

Theme Selection

With the basic layout for the website decided, I went searching for some existing free themes which were very close to what Homefirst wanted. I always prefer to offer clients themes that have full demos since that is a lot easier to judge than just a few screen shots. I presented the following four themes to Homefirst to choose from.

  • Yasmin
  • Responsive
  • Orion
  • “>Panoramica

The list of four themes was a hit, just enough for them to make an educated choice, but not enough to overwhelm them. They were immediately drawn to the Orion theme.

Implementing the Web Design


With the Orion theme installed, I went to work customizing it to fit their needs. The theme used a lot of grey, which was great for evaluating themes, but needed a bit more vibrance for their organization. I  added HomeFirst’s green and blue to the web design, removed the un-needed modules, and added a space to highlight their mission statement. I then completely cleaned out the footer making it very simple.

What HomeFirst Had to Say

Working with Gen at Anphira has been simple. She is responsive, helpful, extremely professional and, additionally, an amazingly nice person! I’ve worked on several nonprofit websites, and have never felt so comfortable communicating with a developer before. Gen provides explanations in “lay terms” and goes the extra mile to make certain not only do I understand the answer, but I learn the “how to” in the process. In the three days our newly designed site has been live, we’ve gotten many compliments and I know that will continue. Thanks, Gen for helping to make this possible!

If your organization needs web design or other graphic design work done, please contact us! We’re always thrilled to unleash our creativity on your projects. We work with various sized projects a variety of budgets, so just drop us a line and let us what we can do for you!

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    1. Yes, Orion is quite nice. I look pretty much all over, from round-up posts on other blogs of themes to hunting ThemeForest to the WordPress main repository searches.

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