Move to Mountain Top PA in the Wilkes-Barre / Scranton Area

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Anphira has moved! We are now in beautiful Mountain Top, PA. The country here is lovely (just about as lovely as Williamsport, PA was) and we are in the greater Wilkes-Barre / Scranton area. We are still unpacking and working on the never ending move to do list (which is at least getting shorter). Now that we’ve moved, it’s time to do take my own advice and give the website a good cleaning to update any outdated information. I guess I’ll just go through my Website Spring Cleaning Checklist.

Post-Move Checklist


On the plus side, the backups are still running. I get a little update from Dropbox every morning saying that my backups have been done!

Content Check

Not even started. This is going on the to do list.

Checking Links

Broken Link Checker is reporting all ok. Yay!


Plugins are reporting all ok so far, but also that there are some new features that I have to explore. So this is good, but it also means I have work to do. Adding item to my to do list.

Install Updates

Ran a lot of updates and checked to make sure the site is still working. So I’m doing well there!

Speed Check

I just pulled a score of 81/100, compared to my previous 91/100. PageSpeed Insights has also added a mobile score. So not an immediate issue, but definitely something I should look into. And since PageSpeed has made some updates, it looks like I need to revisit my blog article on the topic too! That’s two items for the to do list.


Well, it’s clear I have a few more things to add to the post-move checklist. However, the crucial things of making sure the site is up, backed up, updated, and no broken links is taken care of. Those are about equal to making sure the locks on the house are changed and you can safely get from your bed to the bathroom without tripping over something and hurting yourself.

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