Kaya WordPress Theme

Kaya is a friendly and free WordPress theme designed to allow your creative juices to flow. It is responsive, mobile friendly, fast, and has a lot of options available in the customizer and within individual pages so you can get just the look you want.

To give you an idea of what Kaya can do for you, take a look at the demos and real examples below.

Kaya has been designed to allow you to decide how you want to build your pages. It includes options for displaying banners and call to actions on your pages and is designed to work with popular page builders including:

  • Elementor
  • Visual Composer

Kaya is a fast theme

Kaya is a lightweight theme designed to be fast, with PageSpeed, YSlow, and GTmetrix all reporting a very fast site. If you decide to add slow plugins or you run Kaya on a slow web server, then you will not see the kind of results we do.

For example, the Kaya Demo site loads in 1 seconds flat on GT Metrix.

Requirements for Kaya

Kaya requires at least PHP 7 and WordPress 5.5.

Do not attempt to install the theme on a site which does not meet these requirements.

Want to learn how to setup Kaya?

Click here to view the official installation & setup guide for Kaya (and yes, it includes video tutorials!)

Some examples of websites built with Kaya:

Borward Oral Surgery

Kaya WordPress Theme 1

Lee Shome & Kennedy, LLP

Kaya WordPress Theme 2

The Clinicians Primary & Urgent Care


Hermann Wellness

Kaya WordPress Theme 3

Nationwide Office Liquidators

Kaya WordPress Theme 4

Pradera Celebrity Community Blog

Kaya WordPress Theme 5