The Dos and Don’ts of Logo Design

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Logos are the face of your brand. They form your visual identity and influence your customers’ attitude toward you business. That’s why logos are thought to be one of the most powerful tools in brand building.

Designing a logo is not as easy as it appears. There are a lot of considerations to add meaning to your design, set it apart, and grab the attention of the ideal audience. As such, it is an art that very few designers know.

Don’t fall victim to logo design glitches. Instead, familiarize yourself with dos and don’ts of logo design to create a great logo.

Do Consider Your Target Audience

Your logo is intended to attract your audience. Ignoring your audience can make you miss the boat. So, spend some time understanding your audience to come up with a logo that interests them. Consider the unique characteristics, cognitive capabilities, and preferences of your audience to create a design that is comprehensible for them. Furthermore, use colors, fonts, other details that appeal to their senses and evoke the desired response.

Do Add Versatility to It

Modern logos are used across multiple devices and platforms. So, it is important for them to be flexible and versatile to suit a variety of needs. Make sure that your design is flexible in size, texture, and color to look impressive on different backgrounds, devices, and apps. Another way to achieve flexibility is creating adaptations with slight changes in the design. For example, Adidas has different versions of logo with similar motif featuring 3 parallel bars.

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Design

Simplicity is key to creating an impact. Logos that are complex, vague, or incomprehensible create little or no impact on your target audience. Make sure that your design is simple and comprehensible to communicate the idea of your brand to the intended audience.

While simplicity is important, be sure that your design has a distinct flair to stay apart from others. Look for ways to add subtleness and visual interest to your logo without making it complex or confusing for the audience.

Don’t Design on Your Own

Logos are high-stake assets. Putting them at risk by designing them on your own can have a drastic impact on your brand. Logos designed by non-professional designers usually lack the sophistication and finesse that is essential for creating an impact.

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