Seasons Greetings Facebook Cover

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Seasons Greetings! It’s a great universal way to say “happy winter”; and since the snow just started flying here in Pennsylvania I thought I would put together a simple Facebook cover for the season. So here it is, a simple snowflake inspired cover image for you.


Seasons Greetings Facebook Cover

If you can’t wait, just scroll to the bottom of the post for the download link.

To put this Facebook cover together quickly I used a snowflake library from the Adobe Exchange. There are a number of great brush libraries at the Exchange which can help you quickly pull together a piece of artwork.

This art isn’t all that complex, just a background, text, and number of snowflakes arranged. I used four different snowflake patterns in various sizes and spent the majority of my time rearranging them.

The seasons greetings text is Huntson Regular, which unfortunately I can’t find where I got it from.


Please download and enjoy. Also, we’d love it if you would share with your friends by tweeting or liking this post!

The graphics are free to use for personal or commercial purposes, but you can not resell them or claim them as your own.

Download Seasons Greetings Facebook Cover Package

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