Poster Design for Mango Tree Honey

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Under the Mango Tree was looking for a warm and inviting poster design. They are an organization helping bee keepers to produce, market and sell their organic honey. They were looking for a poster design which would attract potential buyers. In some ways this poster design almost created itself since the topic was honey and the organization already had a strong orange in their logo.

Our Inspiration

The poster design took a lot of inspiration from a picture of a flower which is used in the upper right corner. Many of the colors of the palette are pulled directly from the flower image. We wanted to really encourage a very warm and comforting feeling — like a hot cup of tea with a drizzle of honey in it.

Poster Design Elements

Brown text was used with the warm oranges and yellows of the background ad just a few fonts were selected. Two main fonts for the body of the poster design and then two accents for the words “honey” and “available here”. The word “honey” was chosen to be especially attractive using the Snell Roundhand font. The “available here” was done using a standard Times New Roman. For the two fonts on the body Open Sans in Condensed Light was used for the larger narrow text and Bariol was used for the smaller paragraph text. Bariol is a wider font similar to Verdana and useful when reading copy.

Finally the contact infomation was added and a QR code generated. QR codes are becoming almost standard in poster design since they allow people with smart phones to quickly access the organization’s website. We matched the QR code color to the text color added some honey related graphics and were done! We think it is a warm and inviting poster design which makes us feel good too!

If your organization needs a poster design or other graphic design work done, please contact us! We’re always thrilled to unleash our creativity on your projects, and if you are a non-profit scraped for cash, we do have a number of discounts available, just ask!

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