Logo Design for School of Life Program

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School of Life Program Logo Design

Soccer in the Streets is a non-profit organization in Atlanta helping children learn life lessons through soccer. Their School of Life program needed a logo designed which clearly conveyed both soccer and learning.

Logo Design Request

To get the ball rolling it is always important to have a concise list of needs:

  • Colors: Maroon and Grey with highlights of yellow, green and blue from the Soccer in the Streets logo.
  • Text: “School of Life” and “Est 2010” were needed.
  • A crest or shield, such as those commonly used for private schools.
  • A soccer player to clearly communicate the soccer theme.
  • Use of the Soccer in the Streets logo.
  • Tie back to the city of Atlanta where Soccer in the Streets is located.

Adrian from Soccer in the Streets was great in getting the list of needs nailed down to specifics from which I could work. It is always fantastic to work with someone who knows what they are looking for, but still allows for some creativity.

Final Logo Design

The first design element in the logo was the crest. I wanted a crest that would not distract from the purpose, so I used a basic shield style. The colors of maroon and grey were used on the shield itself to provide a base. A soccer player and ball were added. To help convey soccer further the green from Soccer in the Streets logo was used for to create a grass soccer field.

The city of Atlanta was tied in with two design elements, the city skyline as well as on the “grass” of the soccer field. The text for School of Life was included at the top with a blue background to match both the Soccer in the Streets logo and the soccer player. The yellow from the Soccer in the Streets logo was also used for the text. Finally, a curved banner for “Est 2010” was added with colors to match School of Life.

I hadn’t done anything with shields or crests before which made this a fun project. Adrian was great to work with, always responsive to any questions and I think we are both rather pleased with the end result.

If you or someone you know are looking for a new logo or other graphic design or web design, please let us know! We’d love to find out what we can do for you!

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