Logo Design for Mokolo Kids Society

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Mokolo Kids Society posted their request for a remake of a logo on Sparked.com. They were looking for a fun and friendly logo connecting their mission of helping disadvantaged kids in Cameroon to get access to quality education.

The Mokolo Kids Society really wanted something involving some of the colors from the Cameroon flag and also to bring in some orange that they use for a lot of their materials.

I used the Bradley Hand ITC font for the main lettering and some paint brush to both underline the main text and highlight the smaller text. Then I used the Prosto font for the smaller text. I wanted to use some freely available fonts since this non-profit was tight on funds and free fonts would allow them to replicate the fonts on other materials without incurring additional cost. Plus, they were great fonts for this purpose!

I also added a smilie face, sun and paint brush to the lettering to give it more originality and make even more kid friendly and playful. I really enjoyed the color palette and just had a lot of fun. This was actually a pretty quick logo to do. The idea came to me quickly and I went from having an idea to finished logo in an hour and the organization loved it on the first go!

Some things that made this logo so easy to do were:

  • The organization knew what color palette they were looking for
  • The organization knew the EXACT text that they wanted in it
  • The organization provided a little background to give me an idea what they were looking for (kids, education, friendly & fun), but without a whole pile of information to wade through
  • The organization knew where they were going to use the logo (which told me what formats they would need it in)

If you or someone you know are looking for a new logo or other graphic design or web design, please let us know! We’d love to find out what we can do for you!

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