Freebie: Spring Facebook Cover Image

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Spring is in the air and new grass is popping up everywhere. To celebrate new life, we’ve got a fun spring facebook cover image for you.

Free Spring Facebook Cover Image
If you just want the image, scroll to the bottom to download!

Creating the Spring Facebook Cover Image

The spring cover image is just a variation on the easter cover image with butterflies instead of easter eggs. The butterflies were borrowed from the St Patrick’s Day cover image. The font is Jenna Sue which you can grab from for free.

I used Adobe Illustrator CS6 for the graphic, however I didn’t use any of the recent features, so any version (including CS2 & CS3) should work fine.

Blades of Grass

For the individual blades of grass I used a simple three point shape created using the pen tool. I left the anchor points at the ground alone and only modified the handles for the anchor point at the top of the grass blade. I varied the handles and the anchor point location for the tip of the blade of grass to try and give a realistic look.


The individual blades were grouped into clumps. I varied which blades were in a given clump and the colors of the blades to add depth.


Once my grass was done, I added flowers, butterflies and the title text. I detailed more on the flowers in my easter facebook cover post.


Please download and enjoy. Also, we’d love it if you would share with your friends by tweeting or liking this post!

The graphics are free to use for personal or commercial purposes, but you can not resell them or claim them as your own.

Download Easter Facebook Cover Image

Need help uploading the cover image to facebook? Check out our step by step tutorial on uploading your facebook cover image!

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