Freebie: Easter Facebook Cover Image

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Easter is just around the corner and we’ve got a free facebook cover image for you! If easter isn’t your thing, then check out our spring facebook cover!

If you just want the image, scroll to the bottom to download!

Creating the Easter Facebook Cover Image

Before I got started, I knew that I wanted something bright and colorful. Since Spring is right around the corner, I also wanted something I could reuse for my spring cover image.

I’m currently looking out my window to a grey sky and snow, so I started off with a simple blue gradient background to represent the sky I’d like to be looking at.

Then it was time to put in some grass, I’ve covered the grass in the spring cover image post.

Once I had a nice amount of grass, it was time to add a floral theme. The flowers were a very simple shape. I started with a simple hexagon using the shape tool in Adobe Illustrator. Then I modified the handles for the anchor points to create six petals on the flower.


For the center of the flowers, I just used a simple ellipse. The stems were just long blades of grass with a little more adjustment of the handles on anchor points. I duplicated my basic flower and changed the stems a bit, making sure to leave a spot for where I would put my “egg flowers”.


The egg flowers were done with a bigger stem and eggs instead of flowers. Onto the eggs I put two different flower shapes. I colored the eggs using a gradient. Finally, I included a Happy Easter with the Jenna Sue font.



Please download and enjoy. Also, we’d love it if you would share with your friends by tweeting or liking this post!

The graphics are free to use for personal or commercial purposes, but you can not resell them or claim them as your own.

Download Easter Facebook Cover Image

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