Freebie: Christmas Tree Facebook Cover Image

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Christmas Tree Facebook CoverWant a quick facebook cover image for Christmas? Want something designed for you to quick drop your logo on? Done. I’ve put together a facebook cover image just for Christmas which is free to use on personal and commercial facebook pages, so long as you don’t try to redistribute it.

The download consists of two images, one that just says “Merry Christmas” and one with “Merry Christmas from” and blank space for your name/logo. If you’re in a hurry, you can just download it now. The download uses Pay with Tweet service, so it will post a message (which you can edit) to your twitter or facebook and then provide you the download link.

Christmas Tree Facebook Blank

Christmas Tree Facebook with From

How The Christmas Tree Was Made

If you are interested in more than grabbing the Christmas Tree and going on your merry way, here is a short breakdown of how I made the tree. This is not intended to be a detailed tutorial, just a quick set of notes.

I started off with an empty 851 x 315 pixel canvas (the dimensions of facebook cover images) in Adobe Illustrator 6. I’ll be using the 3D Revolve, so the version is relevant.

The Tree

1. Using the pencil tool I drew a simple side of a tree. I then edited the results a little until I had tree side that I liked. I applied a simple hunter green line color and left the fill color empty.

2. I used the 3D with the displayed values to get a three dimensional shaded evergreen tree.

Settings for 3D Revolve on Christmas Tree

3. I created a tree stump using the pencil tool and 3D revolve (same settings) and a brown color.

The Background

1. I started with a basic rectangle and applied a blue gradient to it.

2. Using the pen tool I created a couple of curves and filled them with a gradient going from a soft blue to white. I structured the gradient to fade towards white pretty quickly.

Background for Christmas Tree

3. The stars were created with the pen tool starting as a diamond. I used the convert anchor point tool to create points with concave sides and filled the shape with white.

4. To create the glow look for the stars I used the Inner Glow effect with the below settings.

Glowing Star Settings

Putting it Together

1. I duplicated and scaled the glowing star across the sky.

2. I duplicated and scaled the evergreen tree.

3. I added the text for Merry Christmas using Christmas colors of green and red and the font Polaris. I did use the font effect of stretching the text vertically to get the look I wanted.


Hope you enjoy the Christmas Tree cover image!
Download Christmas Tree

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