4 Tweaks to Prepare Your Website for the New Year

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The New Year is just around the corner, and it’s time to bring your business in order from the website and marketing perspective.

So, what changes can you make to improve your website?

Here is a quick look at some of the options to make your online store into a money maker. What’s more, these updates do not need thousands of dollars in investments, so they can be used by large and small businesses alike.


Upgrade your Design

websiteYou have only 5 seconds to impress your visitors and keep them on your website. So if your website lacks the ‘oomph’ to engage your visitors, then you need to upgrade your design. Replace the old, slow, unattractive and weak design with a new and interesting layout to give your site a clean and fresh look. Limit the use of images, videos, and links to remove visual clutter and draw in your visitors’ attention.

Additionally, rework the back-end design to improve the user interface. Hire a professional designer to boost the responsiveness and the overall feel of the site.

Improve Navigation

There is nothing worst than a site that does not offer quick and convenient access to information. In fact, 76 percent customers consider easy navigation as the most important element in website design. If your visitors cannot find what they’re looking for, they will quickly leave the site for one that meets their needs.

So, make sure that you have a clearly visible navigation bar across all pages on your website.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Mobile DevicesDon’t ignore mobile optimization. 80 percent of visitors now access websites using a mobile device, so optimize your site to fit their needs. Choose fonts, images, resolution and layout that look well across all devices.

Remember, visitors do not always enter the site through the home page. So, optimize each page for mobile devices so that visitors can get a consistent experience throughout the website.

Add a Strong Call to Action

What is a successful visit? What action do you want your visitors to take?

Your visitors may not know what pages to visit or what action to take. So, add a strong call to action to provide them with directions to follow. Asking visitors to click on a link to get more information, see pricing, watch the video, or download a sample, are some options you can provide on your website.

Creating a smooth sales funnel can guide them through to the purchasing process without seeming forceful.

If you are looking to redesign your website for 2016, consult our specialists. We can help you create a distinct site to give a fresh feel to your brand and start the New Year with greater sales and profits. For more details, contact us or call us at (570) 360-9320.

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