Web Design Questionnaire

Web Design Questionnaire

To help us better provide services, please fill out the following regarding your website design or redesign.

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If yes, who is your provider?

Do you currently have a website?
No, I need one designedYes, I need with help with it
If yes, please provide the URL of your current website

How custom a website design are you looking for?
Not custom, I'm looking to save moneyI want style, but I don't want to break the bankI want just the right look for my site

Do you have a list of all content for your site?
Yes, I know exactly what it needsNo, I need help determining that
How many pages will your site have?
5 or fewer6-10 pages10-20 pages20-40 pages40 or moreI really don't know

Will your website have a blog?
YesNoMaybe in the future

Do you have an existing logo and/or color palette to use?

What is the goal of your site?

What features do you want on your site?

Is there anything you do NOT want on your site?

Are there example sites that you like?

What is your timeline?

Do you have a budget you need to stay within?
No, I don'tI'm not sureYes
If yes, please provide details so that we will only recommend options within your budget

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