Creating Client & Customer Profiles

Every time we start a new project there is one common question: who is the target audience? You may call them clients, customers, or users. But regardless of what we call them, we need to know something about who they are and what they want. This information decides both what is presented to them and how it is presented.

Creating Your Website Writing Guidelines

People are naturally unsettled by differences and inconsistencies. When creating website content it’s important to provide a consistent and positive experience for your visitors. This sets a tone of reliability, which naturally makes visitors want to trust you. A set of website writing guidelines is an excellent tool for maintaining this consistency across your site.

How to Use GTmetrix Website Speed Performance Analyzer 1

How to Use GTmetrix Website Speed Performance Analyzer

GTmetrix is a fantastic online measurement tool brought to you by the wonderful folks at Gossamer Threads. They have combined the results & scores from both Google PageSpeed and YSlow to provide you a handy checklist of where your site does well and where you could improve. They also provide straightforward (mostly) recommendations on what you can do to improve.